Tao of badass Review

Hi and welcome! Let me start of by saying that I was VERY skeptical about The Tao of Badass when I first heard about it. I picked it up out of pure curiosity, no expectations what so ever. “Learn to pick up chicks with my secret tricks”… yeah, right. I’ve read other books on the subject like “The Game” (which in my opinion is a pice of garbage). I’m sure The Game works for some guys out there, but not for me, WAY too shy to just walk up to a girl and insult her (who does that?). The Tao of Badass is NOTHING like that, it uses “tricks” that aren’t really tricks at all. But before I start with the review, I want you to watch this video by Jose, just your average guy speaking from the heart:

Tao of Badass – Yes, it WILL change your life

Ok, so what is this “Tao of Badass”? Well it’s a complete program with tons of e-books, videos and a massive members area where you can talk to 1000s of other guys from around the world, who are also in the program (including me). The Tao of Badass was invented by a guy called Josh Pellicer and his story is to long to write about here, but he will explain himself on the special webinar I link to below. This system was created by Josh, so that guys like you and me would get better at picking up woman without trying to remember cheesy pick up lines that don’t work. Without spending money on dinner and drinks and without anyone noticing you are using “techniques” on them. Josh is the real deal, he has his own radio show on Sirius and has been on several talk shows like NBCs The Today Show.

According to Josh, it is a FACT that all woman go through the same exact process every time they decide to sleep with a guy. It’s not rocket science but I guarantee you will learn things you did not know.

Josh took psychology when he went to college in Florida, the idea of “The Tao of Badass” came from one of his own notebooks, years later (again, more in the webinar), and especially something called “Propinquity”. He spent the next year reading – five Psychology books – twelve “Dating Advice” books and two books on Etiquette. He watched over 400 hours of training videos on Subliminal Messaging, Seduction, Attraction, Body Language and Personality Typing… I don’t know where he found the strength to do all that, but I’m SO glad that he did!

For example: Did you know that if you look at a woman’s mouth while she is talking to you, that you’ll subconsciously make her think about sleeping with you? I did NOT know that. It is called a “Sexual Trigger” and the tao of badass is packed with them. Sexual triggers bypass a woman’s barriers and turn her on without her knowing it. And it works! You can have some real fun with that. But the “triggers” are just scratching the surface, there are so MUCH more to this program. You’ll learn about how a woman use “Pre-Selection” Which means (it sounds weird, but it’s true) that woman want to be with guys that other woman want. Crazy right? The good news is there are some tricks that uses that to your advantage. I can go on and on and on about this system, It has changed my life! I really want everyone to get the Tao of Badass system for them self, download it, steal it, whatever, just get it! It’s the best $98 I have EVER spent.

Instead of reading my boring text, you NEED to watch this webinar with Josh himself before you make a decision about anything! He gives away free tips from the program for you to try out. This special webinar is 40 minutes long, so make sure you have 40 minutes to spare before you watch it. You really have to watch the whole thing! You’ll be glad you did ; )Free Webinar